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Sesame Workshop Sues Producers Behind Raunchy Puppet Comedy Starring Melissa McCarthy

WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Hilariously Mom-Bombs SNL’s Weekend Update

Watch Melissa McCarthy Debunk The ‘So-Called’ Science of… Gravity

Sean Spicer Reflects on SNL, Melissa McCarthy: Some of It Was Funny, Some Was ‘Over the Line’

Melissa McCarthy’s Spicer Rides Through New York to Make Sure Trump Doesn’t Fire Him Next

Ride Spicey Ride: Melissa McCarthy Drives Through New York City as Press Sec for SNL

WATCH: Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Dances to ‘I Feel Pretty’ for SNL Promo

Melissa McCarthy Is Up for an MTV Movie & TV Award For Her Portrayal of Sean Spicer

‘Spicey Finally Made a Mistake’: Melissa McCarthy Lampoons Press Sec’s Holocaust Gaffe on SNL

SNL is Ending its Season With Nationwide Live Telecasts and All-Star Hosts

‘Don’t Make Me Make the Podium Move!’: Sean Spicer Finally Jokes About SNL Parody

SNL Sees Biggest Ratings in Six Years With Baldwin as Host, Beats Trump’s Hosting Appearance

CNN’s Gloria Borger: Sean Spicer Noticeably ‘Toned It Down Today’ After SNL Sketch

Twitter Fancasts SNL White House Roles After Report on Trump’s Reaction to Melissa McCarthy

Sean Spicer Reacts to Being Parodied on SNL, Says the Show Has ‘Crossed Over to Mean’

Melissa McCarthy Plays Sean Spicer Going Nuts on the Press in Hilarious SNL Sketch: ‘APOLOGIZE TO ME!’

Once Again, Jennifer Lawrence is the World’s Highest-Paid Actress

Melissa McCarthy Smacks Ghostbusters Haters: ‘I Just Hope They Find a Friend’

VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Skewers ‘Chopped’ With Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone

Melissa McCarthy Makes Guy Fieri References in All Her Movies

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