Mika Brzezinski

Dan Savage: Yesterday Trump ‘Became the Asshole He’s Always Been’

That Time Joe Scarborough Laughed at Donald Trump Mocking a Disabled NY Times Reporter

Neil Cavuto Faces Off With Democratic Rep. Calling on Trump to Resign

White House Denies ‘Quid Pro Quo’ in Kushner, Scarborough Conversation

MSNBC Is Not Planning To Release Evidence Showing WH Pressured Scarborough

Trump’s Bleeding Facelift Tweet Was So Bad Even Jerry Springer Can’t Take It

Reports Detail Jared Kushner’s Conversations With Joe Scarborough Over National Enquirer Story

Scarborough Claims Trump Has Changed…Forgetting Birtherism, Central Park Five and Alicia Machado

Joe Scarborough: I Updated NBC Executives ‘In Real Time’ About Alleged White House Blackmailing

President Trump is Now Feuding With Morning Joe Over a National Enquirer Story

Trump Administration Considering Shutting Down WH Council on Women and Girls

Donald Trump Responds To Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough

Conway Slams TV Hosts Who ‘Play Armchair Psychologist,’ and Ridicule Trump’s ‘Mental State’

Donny Deutsch Challenges Trump to a Fight: ‘I’ll Meet You in the Schoolyard’

‘It’s Blackmail’: Joe and Mika Reveal How White House Threatened Them With National Enquirer

Donny Deutsch Melts Down Over Bleeding Facelift: ‘I Probably Won’t Be On the Show Again’

‘Said No To What, Your F*ckin’ Meds?!’ Seth Meyers Slams Trump Over ‘Face-Lift’ Tweet

Colbert: ‘Let’s Stop Pretending That Trump is the Symptom of Something; He’s The Disease’

Don Lemon Lights Up Donald Trump: He ‘Should Be Ashamed of Himself…But He’s Not’

Jeffrey Lord Takes Heat From CNN Panel For Claiming Trump’s Mika Tweets Aren’t Misogynistic

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