Black Advocacy Groups Call Out CNN for Lack of Diversity Among Executive Ranks

NAACP Denounces Trump Attending Civil Rights Museum’s Opening: His Record on Race is ‘Abysmal’

Lindsey Graham Presses NAACP Head on the Grades They Give Republicans: ‘Really Odd’

Tucker Carlson Battles Columnist Over Sessions, Says the NAACP’s ‘Totally Discredited’

NAACP Congratulates Trump But Declares That 2016 ‘Regularized Racism’ in Statement

NAACP Leader on Keith Scott Shooting: ‘It Really Doesn’t Matter If He Had a Gun’

Going to a Chance the Rapper Show? You Can Register to Vote While You’re There

Detroit NAACP Head Tears Into Trump: His Black Outreach ‘Is a Scam’

‘White Lives Matter’ Protest Outside NAACP Office Had Unusual Helper

Colin Cowherd: Michael Jordan’s Statement on Recent Violence ‘Doesn’t Feel Terribly Authentic’

Civil Rights Icon Andrew Young Says Some Protesters Are ‘Unlovable Little Brats’

‘White Americans Despise This Crew’: O’Reilly Confronts NAACP Official on Black Lives Matter

Activists Claim FBI Is Trying to Intimidate Them Out of Protesting at Republican Convention

Hillary: ‘We Cannot Let Barack Obama’s Legacy Fall Into Donald Trump’s Hands’

Mall of America Files Restraining Order Against Black Lives Matter Activists

Oops: Hillary Accidentally Says Presidents Shouldn’t Have to Disclose Criminal History

Man’s ‘Lynched’ Halloween Decoration Draws NAACP Complaint

Rachel Dolezal to Vanity Fair: I’m Not African-American, but ‘I Would Say I’m Black’

New Spokane NAACP Leader Speaks Out on Moving Past Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal Steps Down from Spokane NAACP

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