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Nancy Pelosi

Trump’s Lonely Photo Op Targeting Pelosi and Schumer Inspires Twitter Memes

Trump: ‘Absolutely Blame’ Dems for Gov’t Shutdown (Though GOP Controls Congress)

Schumer and Pelosi Decline Trump’s White House Invite: We Pass on ‘Show Meeting’

Trump Hints at Imminent Government Shutdown Ahead of Meeting with ‘Chuck and Nancy’

Guy Benson Rips Al Franken: I Can’t Believe He’s Getting Away With This ‘Quasi-Apology Nonsense’

Seth Meyers Slams Trump For Claiming The Access Hollywood Tape Isn’t Authentic: ‘Are You Insane?!?’

Nancy Pelosi, After Meeting with Conyers Accuser: ‘I Believe’ What She’s Told Me

Joe Scarborough Gives Impassioned Defense of John Conyers: ‘I Would Call That an Icon!’

Rep. John Conyers Stepping Aside as Ranking Member of House Judiciary Committee

Nancy Pelosi: Rep. John Conyers Is an American ‘Icon’

Pelosi Won’t Say If She’ll Ask Conyers to Step Aside: ‘I’m Not Sharing That With You Right Now’

Nancy Pelosi on Donna Brazile’s Claims: ‘I Would Hope That There’s Another Side to the Story’

Nancy Pelosi Downplays Impeachment Talk: ‘Not Someplace That I Think We Should Go’

Pelosi on Corker’s WWIII-Trump Warning: POTUS Doesn’t Understand His Words Have Weight Now

Democratic Rep. Defends Pelosi from Leadership Criticisms: ‘Reflects the Sexism’ That Still Exists

Nancy Pelosi Calls on Paul Ryan to Create Select Committee on Gun Violence

Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Praise John McCain for ‘Courage’ on Graham-Cassidy

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Press Conference Derailed by DREAMer Protestors

Nancy Pelosi in Meeting With Trump: ‘Are Women Allowed to Speak Here?’

Trump’s Anger Over Story That GOP Doesn’t Fear Him Reportedly Moved Him to Deal With Dems

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