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Alisyn Camerota and Dana Loesch Hold Marathon Gun Debate: ‘No Self-Respecting Hunter Needs an AR-15’

Thomas Friedman Calls Trump ‘Deeply Disturbed Person’ After Viral Column Issuing ‘Code Red’ on Russia

Cuomo Battles House Candidate Running AR-15 Contest: You’re Giving Away ‘The Same Damn Weapon’ Used in Parkland

Parkland Survivors Slam Jack Kingston For Claiming They’re Being Coached By Dems: ‘Very Despicable’

Watch Florida Lawmakers Come to Bipartisan Solution on Guns in Remarkable New Day Segment

Daily Beast Editor John Avlon Hits Fox News: ‘One Channel’ Appeals to Trump’s ‘Worst Angels’

Chris Cuomo Accuses Trump of Ignoring Porter Scandal ‘On Purpose’: ‘People Die’ From Domestic Abuse

Rep. Mo Brooks: Rob Porter Domestic Abuse Scandal is ‘Soap Opera News’

Fmr. Ethics Head Mauls WH Chief of Staff Amid Reports He Knew of Staffer’s Abuse Allegations: ‘Shame on John Kelly’

Sarah Sanders Mocks Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Bitterness’ at SOTU: ‘She Should Smile A Lot More’

GOP Sen. John Kennedy: Trump Should Have Talked About Russia in SOTU

Ari Fleischer Snipes at CNN’s New Day: ‘If You’re a Republican, You’ll Always Be Interrupted’

GOP Rep. Dismisses Anti-Trump ‘Secret Society’ at FBI: ‘Not Prone to Conspiracy Theories’

Cuomo Grills Mulvaney Over Dreamers: Why Won’t You Say ‘Something Positive About These People?

Camerota Roasts Schlapp: ‘Conservatives Don’t Care Anymore About Extramarital Affairs?’

Chris Cuomo Spars With Marc Short Over Trump Ad Painting Undocumented Immigrants ‘As Monsters’

Nassar Victims Slam Michigan State on New Day: ‘They Should Clean House’

Chris Cuomo Grills RNC Chair Over Attacks on Cory Booker: ‘How is That Mansplaining?’

Sarah Sanders Hits Chris Cuomo For Referring to WH Spox as ‘Raj Whatever His Name is’

GOP Rep. Rips Trump For ‘Derogatory’ and ‘Dehumanizing’ Sh*thole Comments

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