Pat Buchanan

WATCH: Trump Branded Pat Buchanan a ‘Hitler-Lover,’ But Now Quotes Him to Support Border Wall

Pat Buchanan: ‘I Think There’s a Real Collision Coming’ Between Mueller and Trump

Pat Buchanan Really Wants Everyone to Stop ‘Lynching’ Trump Over ‘Mexican’ Judge Comments

2000’s Third-Party Conservative Pat Buchanan Talks 2016’s Third-Party Conservative Effort

Fox’s Cavuto: Trump’s Reaction to Wisconsin Loss Was ‘Childish, Petulant, Babyish’

Pat Buchanan: National Review ‘Gave Up Pretense of Objectivity’ Attacking Trump

Pat Buchanan: Charlie Hebdo ‘Really Foul,’ They Should Have Known the Risks

Pat Buchanan: It’s ‘Libel and Slander on Police’ to Push Body Cameras

Pat Buchanan: Joni Ernst Almost as ‘Attractive’ as Palin and Bachmann

McLaughlin Group‘s Eleanor Clift : ‘Ambassador Stevens Wasn’t Murdered’

Pat Buchanan Is Pretty Sure God Is on Putin’s Side

Memo to Cable News: Learn the Difference Between ‘Isolationism’ and ‘Non-Interventionism’

Pat Buchanan: Putin’s Op-Ed ‘Outstanding,’ Looks ‘Like a Statesman’

Hannity Panel Gets Heated Over Syria: ‘Either You Go Into a War to Win, or You Don’t Go In!’

Pat Buchanan: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack ‘Reeks of False Flag Operation’

Buchanan: ‘Whites are Only Group You Can Discriminate Against in America’

Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz ‘Fits In Tradition’ With Nazi Sympathizer Father Coughlin

Pat Buchanan To Sean Hannity: Illegal Aliens ‘Ought To Be In The Shadows!’

Pat Buchanan: Barack Obama Is A ‘Drug Dealer Of Welfare’

McLaughlin Group Debate Over Paul Ryan Descends Into Chaotic Shout Fest

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