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Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson: Asteroid Could Hit Earth, Bring About End Times… Possibly Next Week

Pat Robertson: If Brendan Eich Is Wrong, Then ‘God Almighty Is a Hater’

With Fred Phelps Gone, Who Is America’s Most Hated?

Pat Robertson Thinks Watching Porn or Horror Movies Will Cause Demons to Crash Your Car

Pat Robertson Has No Problem with People Marrying Their Cousins, Except…

Pat Robertson Calls Climate Change ‘Idiocy’ Because It’s Cold Outside

Ken Ham Fires Back at Pat Robertson: ‘Really Sad’ He’s ‘So Misinformed’ About Creationism

Pat Robertson on Creation Debate: ‘Nonsense’ to Think Earth Is Only 6,000 Years Old

Pat Robertson Still Thinks Global Warming Isn’t Man-Made Because There Are No SUVs on Other Planets

Pat Robertson Claims He’s Cured Deafness, Tells a Mother: ‘I Don’t Know What You’re Doing Wrong’

Pat Robertson to GOP: Time to ‘Wave the White Flag’ and Give Up

Pat Robertson Fails to Scrub Internet of His…

Anderson Cooper Delivers Powerfully Sarcastic Takedown of Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson Warns That Gays Deliberately Spread HIV; CBN Scrubs Evidence

Gaming Expert Pat Robertson: ‘Murdering Somebody In Cyberspace’ Is A ‘Virtual Sin,’ Same As Killing Real People

‘I Don’t Think It’s A Sin’: Pat Robertson’s Surprising Admission About What?

Pat Robertson: I’m Not ‘Anti-Gay’ Because Gays Are Just Straight People Who’ve Forsaken God

Are You Gay Or Lesbian? Pat Robertson Says You Might Cause God To ‘Vomit’ Out America

Pat Robertson Warns DOMA Ruling Leading U.S. To Ruin Like Biblical Sodom: ‘God Did Something Pretty Drastic’

Pat Robertson Threatens ‘Full-Scale’ Exposé Of Unnamed ‘Nasty’ Site That ‘Deliberately Misconstrues’ Him

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