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Paul Ryan

Ryan on Trump’s Response to Porter: ‘Come On, Clearly We Should All Be Condemning Domestic Violence’

Maria Bartiromo Confronts Paul Ryan on Budget Deal: ‘You Don’t Look Like’ a Deficit Hawk

Here’s Paul Ryan Laughably Ducking a Question About Whether Nunes Memo Vindicates Trump

Woman Paul Ryan Touted For $1.50 Increase ‘Surprised’ He Singled Her Out: Others Got ‘Hundreds’

CNN Contributor Defends Paul Ryan $1.50 Tax Cut Tweet: ‘People Shouldn’t Be Sneering’

Paul Ryan Removes Tweet Bragging About GOP Tax Bill After Widespread Mockery

Twitter Blows Up After Paul Ryan Hypes Tax Cuts By Touting Secretary’s $1.50 Pay Bump

Kimmel Roasts GOP Over Memo: Paul Ryan ‘Ringmaster’ at ‘World’s Most Perverted Circus’

MSNBC’s John Heilemann Tears Into Paul Ryan Over Nunes Memo: ‘No Longer on Team USA’

Paul Ryan Says Nunes Memo Doesn’t Undermine Mueller Probe…Even Though Trump Thinks It Does

Paul Ryan Brushes Off CNN’s Manu Raju After Round of Memo Questions: ‘You’ve Asked Enough’

Scarborough Slams Memo: ‘Sleazy Political Purge’ to ‘Feed the Paranoid and Maniacal Desires’ of Trump

Chuck Todd: GOP Has ‘Gone Off the Rails’ By Supporting Trump’s FBI ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Paul Ryan on New Trump Ad Attacking Dems: ‘I Don’t Know If That’s Necessarily Productive’

Trump Tweets After ‘Excellent’ Schumer Meeting on Shutdown: ‘Four Week Extension Would Be Best’

Paul Ryan Tears Into Senate Dems as Shutdown Looms: ‘Legislative Arson’

Pelosi Publicly Calls on Paul Ryan to Stop Any GOP Efforts to Hinder Russia Probe

Evan McMullin: Paul Ryan Has ‘Failed’ Leadership Test

Trump Celebrates Tax Bill Passage Surrounded by Republicans: ‘Always a Lot of Fun When You Win’

NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Grills Paul Ryan on Tax Bill: ‘Are You Living In a Fantasy World?’

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