Paul Ryan

Lou Dobbs: Trump ‘Took RINO Ryan to the Woodshed’ By Making Debt Ceiling Deal With Dems

Bannon and Freedom Caucus Leader Reportedly Mull Replacements For Paul Ryan as Speaker

Scarborough Slams Paul Ryan on DACA: He ‘Should Go Into a Dark Basement in Janesville and Tweet’

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell Say Congress Is Ready to ‘Act Quickly’ on Hurricane Relief Funding

Orrin Hatch, Paul Ryan Say Trump Should Not Terminate DACA

Paul Ryan Opposes Trump’s Plan to End DACA: I ‘Don’t Think He Should Do That’

Paul Ryan’s Verbal Denouncement of Trump’s Racism Means Nothing

Breitbart Slams Paul Ryan for Criticizing Arpaio Pardon and Throwing in With ‘Leftists’

Paul Ryan Breaks With Trump; Says He Doesn’t Agree With Arpaio Pardon

Trump’s Feud With McConnell and Ryan Shows Men Can Be the Real ‘Mean Girls’

Trump Blames ‘Mitch M & Paul R’ Over Debt Ceiling: ‘Could Have Been So Easy-Now a Mess!’

Paul Ryan on Trump’s New Border Wall Comments: ‘I Don’t Think a Government Shutdown Is Necessary’

‘The President Was Clear’: Pence Counters Paul Ryan’s Comment That Trump ‘Messed Up’

Paul Ryan Dismisses Effort to Censure Trump: Would Turn Into a ‘Partisan Hack-Fest’

Speaker Paul Ryan: President Trump ‘Messed Up’ on Charlottesville

Paul Ryan Praises Afghanistan Speech: I Heard a New Trump ‘Doctrine’ Tonight

Breitbart Staffer Warns Trump: We’re Ready to ‘Help Paul Ryan Rally Votes for Impeachment’

FNC Contributor Tammy Bruce Suggests Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan Could Be Removed by Trump

Tina Fey Urges America to Start ‘Sheet-Caking’ Instead of Protesting Alt-Right Rallies

Here’s How Congressional Republicans Are Reacting to That Crazy Trump Presser

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