Mayor of Pittsburgh Slams Trump for ‘Pittsburgh Not Paris’ Comment

Ex-News Anchor Files Suit Against Network for Firing Her Over ‘Young Black Men’ Comment

After Anchor Was Fired For Racist Facebook Post, Channel’s Ratings Took a Dive

Donald Trump to Pittsburgh Crowd: ‘How’s Joe Paterno? Are We Going to Bring That Back?’

Big Group of Protesters Shows Up Outside PA Rally, Some Arrested

Pittsburgh PD Prepared In Case Trump Supporters Make Good on Gun Threats Against Protesters

News Anchor Fired From Pittsburgh Network After Profiling ‘Young Black Men’ on Facebook

Five Dead, Three Injured in Pennsylvania Shooting; Manhunt Underway

Pittsburgh Buses To Remove Slogans With Unintentional Reverse Racist Messages

Pittsburgh Police Chief Under Fire for Holding ‘Racism at Work’ Sign

Pittsburgh’s Conflict Kitchen Closes (For Now) Due to Death Threats Over Palestinian Food Wrappers

Video: Pittsburgh Cop Repeatedly Punches Teen Girl at Gay Pride Event

WATCH LIVE: 20 Injured in Stabbing Spree at Pennsylvania High School

WATCH LIVE: Jamie Oliver Speaks Out About Building Healthy Communities In Pittsburgh

Armed Man Holding Hostage In Pittsburgh Office Building

Have You Seen This Man? Pittsburgh Television Station Hopes Viewers Can Lead Police To Fugitive Mummy

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