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Fox News Has Cancelled Red Eye

Fox News Under Fire After Inviting Rape Apologist on As Guest

Fox’s Red Eye Reveals the True Nature of Mysterious Noise Shep Smith Stopped Show For

Fox Pundit to Colleagues Claiming Obama Didn’t Cry: ‘It Makes Us Look Bad!’

Tom Shillue Is the New Host of Fox’s Red Eye

‘Are You Kidding Me?!’: Andy Levy Blows Up at Red Eye Host Over Ferguson

Who Will Replace Greg Gutfeld as Red Eye Host?

Watch the Very Red Eye Final Farewell to Greg Gutfeld

Fox’s Richard Grenell Claims He Was ‘Uninvited’ to Speak at CPAC

Fox’s Red Eye Lampoons Cable News with Absurd 16-Person Panel

The 12 Best Shows on Cable News

The 12 Best Shows on Cable News

Anthony Cumia Defends Himself on Fox’s Red Eye: I Wasn’t Being Racist!

Anthony Cumia Will Be on Fox’s Red Eye Tonight

How Greg Gutfeld Got Around Fox News ‘Impeachment’ Graphic Ban

Fox Guest Attacks ‘White Liberal Nerds’ for Fawning Over Neil deGrasse Tyson

Fox’s Andy Levy Rips MSNBC for Promoting ‘Bullsh*t’ Bergdahl Narrative

Fox’s Red Eye Mocks #CancelColbert: ‘Twitter Is a Sinkhole Filled with Silly, Silly People’

Red Eye Tears into Federal Program That Uses Amateur Videos to Tell You ‘Grapes Are Delicious’

Fox’s Red Eye Mocks Puppy Bowl Outrage: Viewers Only Watch for ‘Violence and Savagery’

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