Roger Ailes

People Were Upset That Roger Ailes Was Included in the ‘In Memoriam’ Segment at The Emmys

Who Can Save Fox News From Its Self-Destruction of Sex Scandals? Laura Ingraham

Who is Cleaning Up Fox News Legacy of Systemic Sexism? A Slew of Female Executives

Fox News Shedding ‘Fair & Balanced’ Slogan Because It’s Too Closely Associated With Roger Ailes

‘Culture of Exploitation’: Monica Lewinsky Rips Roger Ailes and Cable News in NYT Op-Ed

Roger Ailes’ Son to Those Who ‘Betrayed’ His Father: ‘Coming After Them’ and ‘Hell Is Coming With Me’

Rachel Maddow Laments Passing Of Roger Ailes: ‘I Considered Him To Be a Friend’

In One Tweet, Chelsea Handler Offered The Most Brutal Roger Ailes Burn Yet

Matt Taibbi Delivers Vicious Takedown of Roger Ailes: ‘The Christopher Columbus of Hate’

Bill O’Reilly Pens Ailes Obit, Claims ‘Hatred…Killed Him’

‘I Created a TV Network for People 55 to Dead’: MSNBC Analyst Spills on an Interaction With Ailes

‘He Was My Champion’: Watch Shepard Smith’s Emotional Eulogy For ‘Complicated’ Roger Ailes

Twitter Mocks Sean Hannity’s Call For Decency Amid Seth Rich Controversy

George H. W. Bush: ‘Not Sure I Would Have Been President’ Without Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes’ Complicated Legacy: He Invented News As We Now Know It, For Better and Worse

‘Kick Your Ass In the Next Life’: Sean Hannity Offers Send Off to Roger Ailes

Gabriel Sherman Reveals What Killed Roger Ailes

‘Patriotic Warrior’ or ‘Predatory Monster’: Media Twitter Erupts in Mourning, Celebration of Roger Ailes’ Death

‘Rachel Beats Them Every Night’: Chris Matthews Drops Ratings Burn While Eulogizing Roger Ailes

Gabe Sherman Offers Final Thoughts on Roger Ailes: ‘He Ends the Final Chapter of His Life Totally Alone’

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