Sacha Baron Cohen

Bono: We Should Use Comedy to Fight Extremism, Send in Amy Schumer and Chris Rock

Sacha Baron Cohen: New Movie Has ‘Fairy Tale Ending… Donald Trump Gets AIDS’

Sony Execs Reportedly Nervous About Trump AIDS Joke in Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Film

Borat Claims Donald Trump Doesn’t Exist Because He’s a Sacha Baron Cohen Character

WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen ‘Kills’ Elderly Woman at Britannia Awards

Trump ‘Congratulates’ Will Smith On Slapping Guy, Calls For Someone To ‘Whack’ Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Most Outrageous Media Moments

Sacha Baron Cohen Gives Rare Out-Of-Character Interview To Ann Curry

Sacha Baron Cohen Apologized To Ryan Seacrest For Oscar Night Ash Gag

Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Dictator’ Kidnaps Martin Scorsese On SNL

Larry King Sits Down With Sacha Baron Cohen In Character As ‘The Dictator’

Donald Trump Rants About Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar Stunt, Wishes Ryan Seacrest Would’ve Punched Him

Sacha Baron Cohen Arrives At The Oscars As ‘The Dictator,’ Dumps ‘Ashes’ On A Very Unhappy Ryan Seacrest

Oscar Organizers Deny They Banned Sacha Baron Cohen From Doing Anything ‘Entertaining’

Trailer For Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator, In Which He Plays A Gaddafi-Like Ruler, Looks Amazing

This Exists: Kazakhstan Is Making An Unofficial Sequel To Borat

Barbara Walters Reviews “Bruno,” Doesn’t Like “Seeing Close-ups Of Anal Sex”

Journalist or Publicist? Media Helps Bruno Win Box Office

GQ‘s Naked Bruno Cover – Even the Print Version Upsets America

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