Shep Smith

Fox News Correspondent John Roberts Calls Out Trump’s Latest Lies on Border Wall

A Modest Proposal: DNC Should Invite Fox News Journalists to Moderate Debate on MSNBC

Should Democratic Presidential Candidates Allow Themselves to Be Interviewed on Fox News?

Fox News Busts Giuliani For Claim He Never Said There Was No Collusion Between Trump Campaign and Russia

Fox News Correspondent Jennifer Griffin: Senior Foreign Diplomat Says ISIS Attack ‘Direct Result’ of Trump’s Syria Announcement

Joe Scarborough: ‘Good on Fox News for Putting Shep Smith Out There’ to Fact Check Trump

Jeffrey Toobin Lauds Napolitano and Shep Smith as Fox News’ ‘Journalism Zone’, Rips Primetime as ‘Crazy Land’

Shepard Smith Smacks Down Fox Viewers Who Say Flynn Didn’t Lie: ‘Find Something Defensible’

Ari Melber on Shepard Smith’s Caravan Fact-Checking: You Have a Problem When Your Message Is ‘Grilled by Your Own Side’

Morning Joe Praises Fox News’ Shep Smith for Telling the Truth on Caravan Fear-Mongering

Fox’s Shepard Smith Calls Out ‘Personal Friend’ Bill Shine For Banning CNN Reporter From White House Event

Shepard Smith Mocks Trump’s Claims North Korea is No Longer Nuclear Threat: ‘Sleep Well, America!’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith: Republicans ‘Want to Get in the Way of’ Mueller Probe

Sean Hannity Reportedly Trashed Colleague Shepard Smith to Trump: POTUS ‘Was Eating it Up’

Hannity Bashes Shepard Smith Over Dig at Fox News Opinion Shows: ‘He is Clueless’

Shepard Smith on Fox News ‘Opinion Programming’: Shows Exist ‘Strictly to Be Entertaining’

Shepard Smith Signs New Multiyear Deal with Fox News

Shepard Smith on Sam Nunberg’s Subpoena Refusal: ‘They Usually Lock You Up’ for That

Shepard Smith Smacks Down Trump’s Tweetstorm: ‘Not Once’ Has He Condemned Russia’s Meddling

Florida Teacher Who Lost Students Emotionally Calls Out Media: Will Treat Tragedy as ‘Passing Memory’

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