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‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ No More: MTA Adopts Gender Neutral Subway Announcements

Michael Ian Black Perfectly Explains How Trump Got Elected With a Story About Subway

Apparent Trump Supporter Goes Nuts on Subway: ‘Put Them Back in the F**** Fields’

Hillary’s Campaign Shrugs Off Botched Subway Ride With a Hilarious New Website Error Page

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Proves That Anyone Can Use NYC Subway

Former Subway Spox Jared Fogle Got Jumped While In Prison for Child Porn and Sex Crimes

Six Dollar Footlong Doesn’t Have The Same Ring: Last Call

Wanted Criminal Found in a Subway Across From Police Station: Last Call

The Man in the High Castle Promotes Show with Nazi Symbols on NYC Subway Car Seats

Dr. Phil Will Air Recordings of Jared Fogle Allegedly Talking About Child Sex

Subway Masturbator Threatening Rider With Gun Identified as Former NYPD Cop

Man Allegedly Masturbates On NYC Subway, Threatens Passerby With Gun

Internal Subway Review Reveals Chain Received ‘Serious’ Complaint About Jared Fogle in 2011

Former Subway Employee Alleges Chain Knew About Jared’s Behavior For Years

Jared Fogle FBI Informant: He Said ‘Middle School Girls Were So Hot’

Subway Scraps Jared’s Pants Dance Online Game

Jared Fogle Texted Subway Associate About Having Sex with a 16-Year-Old Girl

Not Even Sharknado 3 Wants Anything to Do with Jared Fogle

Subway Slims Down Relationship With Jared Fogle Following Kiddie Porn Probe

Why Did the Feds Raid the Home of Jared from Subway?

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