Symone Sanders

Don Lemon Blasts Jack Kingston For Blaming Birtherism on Hillary: ‘I Won’t Be the Purveyor of Fake News’

Watch Jack Kingston Sheepishly Admit He Has No Clue About the Talking Points He’s Spewing

Symone Sanders and Paris Dennard Bitterly Argue Over Whether President Trump is Racist

CNN Debate on Race Gets Ugly After Ken Cuccinelli Tells Symone Sanders to Shut Up

Symone Sanders Literally Claps Back on CNN Over Alt Right Violence: ‘Someone is Now Dead’

Jack Kingston: Democrats Need to Identify Themselves More With Otto Warmbier than Johnny Depp

‘Facts Are Not Debatable’: CNN’s Cuomo, Lord and Sanders Spar Over Trump’s Civil War Comments

Bitter CNN Political Foes Symone Sanders and Jeffrey Lord Talk Merchandising Deal

‘You Are a Hypocrite’: Jeffrey Lord and Symone Sanders go at it on CNN

‘No One is Telling a Man What to do With His Penis’: Sparks Fly in Fiery New Day Interview

‘Donald Trump Doesn’t Care About Black People’: CNN Panel Absolutely Melts Down

Democratic Strategist Who Was Unsure Chicago Torture Video Was Hate Crime Now Thinks It Is

Democratic Strategist Not Sure Chicago Torture Video Constitutes a Hate Crime

‘We Have Put White Supremacy Into the White House’: CNN Commentator Rails Against Trump

Fmr Sanders Spox: I Stand By My ‘White People’ Comments; It’s Time for a DNC ‘Chair of Color’

Dem Strategist Mocks Trump Supporter Beat Up By Mob: ‘Oh My Goodness, Poor White People!’

A Rowdy CNN Panel Fight Gets a Priceless Reaction from Don Lemon

Pro-Trump Pastor Says Trump’s Problem With Black Voters Is That ‘Black People Believe Satire’

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