The Colbert Report

Colbert Defies Comedy Central by Introducing Colbert Report Character’s ‘Identical Twin Cousin’

Colbert’s New Late Show Gag Channels ‘This Week in God’

Colbert: It’s Nice to Not Have to Pretend to Be a Pundit Anymore

TIME Cover Man Colbert Reflects on Being Viewed as Political ‘Champion’ on The Report

Wilmore’s Nightly Show First 3 Months Down Nearly 40% from Colbert

Full List of Celebrities Featured in the Colbert Report Finale

The Hobbit’s Smaug Endorses Rand Paul for President

Obama Will Be One of The Colbert Report’s Final Guests

Colbert Bashes ‘Liberal Lion’ Jon Stewart in His First Guest Appearance

Colbert Helps Jennifer Lawrence Plan Her Inevitable ‘Downward Spiral’

Colbert Announces Date of Final Show

Oops: Gwen Stefani Gives Emmy to ‘The Coldboar Report’

Colbert Praises Conservatives for Loving Child Refugees but Refusing to Let Them into America

Colbert Approves Ablow’s World Cup Theory: You’d Have to Be High to Be That Paranoid

Colbert Warns America About the ‘Black Lesbian Robot’ Uprising

Colbert Wonders if Rove’s Obsession with Hillary’s Health Stems from ‘Serious Brain Injury’

Comedy Central Names Replacement for The Colbert Report

Colbert Decimates Vampire Congressional Candidate with Actual Policy Questions

‘Those Are Some Huge Shoes to Fill’: Colbert Addresses the Big News

Colbert Giddy over the ‘Peeping Patriotism’ of Snapping Upskirt Pics

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