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The Tonight Show Cancellation of Norm MacDonald Visit Reminds Us How Safe Jimmy Fallon Plays It

Tonight Show Canceled Norm Macdonald Appearance Amid Backlash to His #MeToo Comments

Roseanne Barr On The People Who Are Mad That She Supports Trump: ‘I Don’t Give A F**k’

Jimmy Fallon Pays Tearful Tribute to Late Mother: ‘Mom, I’ll Never Stop Trying to Make You Laugh’

Tonight Show Writer Claps Back at Trump’s ‘Equal Time’ Tweets: ‘That’s Not How It Works’

Maddow: Trump Obsessing Over NFL Protests While Ignoring Puerto Rico Will ‘Be in His History’

Jimmy Fallon Gives Emotional Remarks on Charlottesville, Calls Trump’s Reaction ‘Shameful’

May the Fourth Be With You: Watch This Mashup of Star Wars Characters Singing ‘All Star’

Chris Rock Once Advised Michelle Obama That She Could Go On’Real Housewives‘ After White House

‘At the Epicenter of Douchedom is a Kobe Slider’: Anthony Bourdain Skewers Food Trends

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Interview With J.J. Abrams Go Hilariously Wrong

According to Jimmy Fallon’s Dogs, the Winner of Super Bowl LI Will Be…

Watch: 2016 Obama Gives Some Friendly Advice to 2009 Obama

WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Can’t Stop Cursing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Gets The Rock to Eat Candy For The First Time Since 1989

WATCH: Questlove Wants Anthony Bourdain to Send Treats to The Tonight Show

WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Takes Shots With Mario Batali, Josh Gad, and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

‘It’s Not a Cocktail Party’: Kelly Asks Trump About ‘Nice’ Reporters in Interview Sneak-Peek

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Questlove Talk ‘The Roots,’ ‘Something to Food About’ on The Tonight Show

Ted Cruz Takes a Phone Call from ‘Donald Trump’ on The Tonight Show

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