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The West Wing

NBC Chief: The Office and The West Wing Could Both Make a Comeback

Martin Sheen Says He Knows What DC ‘Should Look Like’ Cause He Played The President On TV

Lawrence O’Donnell on 2016’s Impact on TV: Politics Has ‘Ruined Contemporary Political Drama’

The West Wing Goes Left Wing: Cast of Hit Show Endorses Clinton

White House Gets West Wing Stars to Help Promote Virtual ‘Big Block of Cheese Day’

WATCH: The West Wing’s Allison Janney Revives ‘The Jackal’ for Arsenio

Fact-Checking Lawrence O’Donnell Panel’s Analysis Of Al Smith Dinner: Pinocchio Pants On Fire

Lawrence O’Donnell: Most In Tea Party “Didn’t Know There Was A Debt Ceiling” Until I Told Them

President Obama Did Not Bum a Cigarette From Anyone on Air Force One 2 Days Ago

Not Even Al Franken Is Sure What The Senate Was Doing Last Night

President Obama Pardons Courage The Turkey

Mediaite’s Top Thanksgiving Movie Moments

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