Watters World

Laura Ingraham: Democrats Want Illegal Immigration to ‘Replace White Conservatives’

Watch Jesse Watters Interview a 9-Year-Old Trump Supporter For No Reason

Jesse Watters Jokingly Compares Tomi Lahren’s Rants to Lawrence O’Donnell Freakout

Jesse Watters Was Apparently Trolled By YouTuber Posing as Antifa Member Named ‘Kevin’

Jesse Watters on Trump’s Birtherism: He Was ‘Just Having a Little Fun’ at Obama’s Expense

‘Like Laryngitis’: Tomi Lahren Tells Fox’s Jesse Watters How To Say Her Name

Fox News’ Watters’ World to Expand to Weekly Series Airing Saturday Evenings

Comedian Gives Jesse Watters a Taste of His Own Medicine

Jesse Watters Went to Chinatown and Made What Might Be His Most Outrageous Video Yet

With New Show & More Exposure, Jesse Watters’ Ascent at Fox as Unorthodox as it is Impressive

Watters World Special Premiere on Fox Gets 1.4 Million Viewers

Fox’s Jesse Watters Previews New Watters World Show Tonight

Jesse Watters’ Watters World Becomes Monthly Special on Fox News

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