IL Governor: Trump Has Not Called to Discuss Violent Crime in Chicago

If You Watch One Badminton Clip in Your Whole Life, Make it This One

‘I Just Don’t See How They Can Keep That Going’: Chuck Todd Calls On Clinton Foundation To Be Shut Down

FLASHBACK: Watch Donald Trump’s Dreadful Rendition of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ at Wrigley Field

WATCH: Police Question Whether Bomb in Target Bathroom Was Anti-Trans Hate Crime

Old Footage of Gorilla Rescuing Child in Its Pen Raises Questions About Cincinnati Zoo Incident

Note to TV Producers: Always Clear Porn from Your Browser Before Going On-Air

Local News Crew Fooled: Learns On Air Breaking Plane Crash Is Staged For Television Show

Watch Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy Do The Weather Report For Local Station WGN

Watch Tennessee Pastor’s Hilarious Invocation Before NASCAR Race

Rahm Emmanuel’s Opponent Flushes Toilet During Radio Interview

Report: Comcast Outage Cripples Internet Access Across Parts Of The Midwest (Updated)

WGN (Chicago) Anchors Melt Down After Missing Bridge Implosion

Mark Kirk’s Other Problem: “Outing” Rumors Go Mainstream

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