Xavier Becerra

Ex-Dem IT Staffer Reportedly Had Secret Server That Routed Data From House Democrats

LA Times Editorial Board: Felony Charges Against Pro-Lifers A ‘Disturbing Overreach’

Dem Rep. on Donna Brazile Email Flap: ‘Don’t Think There’s Much of Anything Going On Here’

Fox’s Shannon Bream to Dem Rep: Isn’t There ‘Ethical Issue’ in Lynch/Clinton Meeting?

Democratic Leader and Veep Shortlister Says Republicans Are ‘Asking America to Elect a Racist’

Reporter Compares House Dem Retreat to ‘Police State’: They Followed Us to Bathroom

Wallace to Dem Rep.: How Can Obama Ignore Congress on Immigration, Then Ask Them for Money?

Chris Wallace Grills Dem on Obama’s Executive Actions: Where’s His Authority?

Gowdy: Dems Have ‘Selective Amnesia’ About Fundraising off Tragedies

Wallace Fights Dem Rep. on Benghazi Email: ‘White House Was Telling Susan Rice What to Say’

Benghazi Investigation Already Tearing Apart the Democratic Party

GOP Sen. Mike Lee: Obamacare Delays a ‘Shameless Power Grab’ by Obama

Wallace Grills Dem Rep over Whether Obama has Authority to Delay Obamacare

Democratic Rep.: Obama Could Lose ‘Moral Authority’ Over Syria Strike

This Week Panel Clashes Over Implications Of Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

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