Xavier Becerra

Ex-Dem IT Staffer Reportedly Had Secret Server That Routed Data From House Democrats

LA Times Editorial Board: Felony Charges Against Pro-Lifers A ‘Disturbing Overreach’

Dem Rep. on Donna Brazile Email Flap: ‘Don’t Think There’s Much of Anything Going On Here’

Fox’s Shannon Bream to Dem Rep: Isn’t There ‘Ethical Issue’ in Lynch/Clinton Meeting?

Democratic Leader and Veep Shortlister Says Republicans Are ‘Asking America to Elect a Racist’

Reporter Compares House Dem Retreat to ‘Police State’: They Followed Us to Bathroom

Wallace to Dem Rep.: How Can Obama Ignore Congress on Immigration, Then Ask Them for Money?

Chris Wallace Grills Dem on Obama’s Executive Actions: Where’s His Authority?

Gowdy: Dems Have ‘Selective Amnesia’ About Fundraising off Tragedies

Wallace Fights Dem Rep. on Benghazi Email: ‘White House Was Telling Susan Rice What to Say’

Benghazi Investigation Already Tearing Apart the Democratic Party

Wallace Grills Dem Rep over Whether Obama has Authority to Delay Obamacare

Democratic Rep.: Obama Could Lose ‘Moral Authority’ Over Syria Strike

This Week Panel Clashes Over Implications Of Supreme Court Obamacare Ruling

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