Australian Prime Minister Roasts Trump in Leaked Audio: ‘Believe Me!’

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull ridiculed U.S. President Donald Trump in a speech at a closed door dinner with reporters in Canberra.

In audio recording released by Australia’s Nine News, of the usually off the record “Winter Ball,” Turnbull roasted Trump for the pair’s meeting in New York last month, with a “tongue in cheek” impersonation.

“It was beautiful, the most beautiful putting me at ease ever,” Turnbull started, speaking of the New York meeting with Trump.

While Turnbull likely thought the comments made at an off the record event would never make it back to Trump, Nine’s political editor Laurie Oakes decided to record his remarks and publish them.

“The Donald and I,” he said, in his best (if slightly Aussie) Trumpian affectation, “we are winning and winning in the polls.”

“We are winning so much,” Turnbull continued, to laughter. “We are winning like we have never won before.”

In video of the speech, Turnbull also can be seen mimicking Trump’s signature hand gestures.

“We are winning in the polls, we are, we are! Not the fake polls, Not the fake polls!”

“They’re the ones we’re not winning in,” he said. “We’re winning in the real polls. You know, the online polls. They are so easy to win. I know that, did you know that? I kind of know that, they are so easy to win.”

And, finally, Turnbull concluded with: “I have this Russian guy, believe me, it’s true, it is true.”

Overall, B- for the impersonation, A+ for the inevitable sabotage of international relations, because we all know how well Trump takes a joke at his expense.

Watch above, via Nine News.

UPDATE: Turnbull responded to the leak in a radio interview, calling his comments “affectionately lighthearted”:

[image via screengrab]

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