Dem Rep.: Committee Delay in Fight for Trump’s Tax Returns ‘Inexplicable’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tuesday night spoke with a Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee to ask “what took so long” in response to the committee’s lawsuit to obtain President Donald Trump‘s tax returns.

The committee has been fighting for months to obtain the tax returns from the IRS, and Cuomo asked Congressman Lloyd Doggett Tuesday night, “What took so long? What took so long? This was always where it was going to wind up. Why did the Democrats delay and give all this time and lose energy?”

“I think it’s inexplicable,” Doggett agreed. “This should have been done a long time ago and the delay has really––really means that probably we see none of this year and it will take a series of really fortune developments in the courts to ensure we see it before the end of Congress. You know, being thorough and careful is important. Being dilatory is not good when you’re opponents’ tactic is delay, delay, delay.”

Cuomo said that while he’s not making a case for impeachment, he asked why––after everything that’s happened and the number of Democrats calling for impeachment already––they aren’t pursuing it.

Doggett said he personally thinks they should open an impeachment inquiry.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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