Fmr Federal Prosecutor on Trump Ukraine Call: I’ve ‘Tried Bribery Cases on Less Clear Conversations Than This’


CNN legal analyst and former Federal Prosecutor Elie Honig responded to President Donald Trump‘s controversial call with the President of Ukraine, Wednesday, claiming he could “see potential federal crimes,” and that he had “charged and tried bribery cases on less.”

“When you get down into the nuances, I do see potential federal crimes here. I see potential bribery, potential extortion, and potential receipt of foreign election aide, all of which are federal crimes,” Honig proclaimed on CNN. “But keep in mind, you do not need a federal crime in order to impeach. Impeachment can and historically has been based abuse of power.”

After being read an excerpt of the call transcript by CNN’s Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour, Honig replied, “That is as close to a quid pro quo as you will get in real life. I’ve charged and tried bribery cases on less clear conversations than this. They’re both laying the stakes out on the table.”

“The President of Ukraine says, ‘Your foreign aide is invaluable to us, we need it for our defense and we’re getting ready to buy more equipment from the United States,’ and then Donald Trump’s response, this is the most important line in the whole thing… Donald Trump says, ‘I would like you to do us a favor though.’ So laying it all on the line,” Honig explained. “And what’s that favor? There’s no mincing words: ‘I want you to look into Hillary Clinton, I want you to look into the Bidens.’”

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