JUST IN: Trump Reportedly Removed Ukraine Ambassador Because Giuliani Said She Was Blocking a Biden Probe


President Donald Trump removed the ambassador to Ukraine because Rudy Giuliani complained that she was interfering with his investigation into Joe Biden, according to a stunning new report.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday evening that Trump ordered the recall of Marie Yovanovitch in May this year following months of complaints from Trump allies that are not in government, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Yovanovitch’s removal is specifically listed in the whistleblower complaint alleging Trump’s abuse of power that ultimately resulted in the House opening an impeachment inquiry against Trump.

“State Department officials were told this spring that Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal was a priority for the president, a person familiar with the matter said. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo supported the move, an administration official said. Ms. Yovanovitch was told by State Department officials that they couldn’t shield her from attacks by the president and his allies, according to people close to her.

In an interview, Mr. Giuliani told The Wall Street Journal that in the lead-up to Ms. Yovanovitch’s removal, he reminded the president of complaints percolating among Trump supporters that she had displayed an anti-Trump bias in private conversations. In Mr. Giuliani’s view, she also had been an obstacle to efforts to push Ukraine to investigate Mr. Biden and his son, Hunter.”

Trump alluded to her removal as ambassador just this morning, saying he was told she heard “very, very bad things about her.”

“I don’t know if I recalled her or somebody recalled her but I heard very, very bad things about her for a long period of time. Not good,” Trump said.

Yovanovitch did not respond to requests for comment from the Journal, but remains a State Department employee.

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