MSNBC Panel Speculates About Trump Getting Jailed: ‘There’s a New I Word, and It’s Imprisonment’


A panel on MSNBC hosted by Nicolle Wallace talked extensively about the possibility of President Donald Trump not just being removed from office, but going to prison.

The Deadline: White House Friday panel spoke about a report that stated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told House Democrats that she wants to see Trump in prison.

“The last thing [Trump] needs is for people to start picking up in the street, ‘hey he should be in jail not impeached’ because he knows how he worked that kind of craziness in 2016, Al Sharpton argued.

“Impeachment seemed to be something that Trump experienced as a challenge that he would enjoy, Wallace said, “Prison, prisons like this cold shower. He’s like ‘Wait, what? Prison? Prison? What did they catch me for?'”

Former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi agreed, saying “there’s a new I word and it’s not impeachment, it’s imprisonment. This truly pressed a button with him.”

“Pelosi has one-upped him, said no there’s something worse than that that you can’t play well, and that’s going to prison and that got to him,” Figliuzzi said.

Wallace later corrected somewhat and said “When you talk about the possibility of a prosecution or indictment for Donald Trump it’s because the reporting suggests that it is a real and viable concern among people close to Donald Trump.”

“When Donald Trump chants lock her up about Hillary Clinton, it’s for conduct that was never described as criminal by the U.S. Justice Department or FBI that investigated her,” Wallace said.

MSNBC Contributor Joyce Vance criticized Trump bringing up the specter of prison time in the first place.

“He’s now brought back into focus this notion that there are allegations out there of criminal conduct against him,” she said.

Journalist John Heilemann argued the prison quote going public was intentional on Pelosi’s part. “Obviously she wanted that quote to be out in public and she put it out there,” he said.

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