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Shock Poll: Nearly Half of Active Duty Military Members Have an Unfavorable View of Trump

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A new surprising poll from The Military Times surveying active-duty service members shows that about 50% of respondents have an unfavorable view of President Donald Trump.

The new poll was conducted from October 23 to December 2, showing that about 50% of troops said they had an unfavorable view of Trump while about 42% approve of the president. The poll surveyed 1,630 active-duty Military Times subscribers.

“When asked specifically about Trump’s handling of military issues, nearly 48 percent of the troops surveyed said they had an unfavorable view of that part of his job, compared to 44 percent who believe he has handled that task well. That marks a significant drop from the 2018 Military Times poll, when 59 percent said they were happy with his handling of military issues, against 20 percent who had an unfavorable view.”

In the time since the 2018 poll, Trump ousted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, ordered a controversial withdrawal of troops from northern Syria, intervened in the cases of multiple military members accused of war crimes, and got impeached by the House of Representatives.

The Military Times reported that of all the above events, Mattis’ firing may have been the most consequential for Trump’s approval among the polled service members – Mattis still inspires an 86% approval rating.

His replacement, Defense Secretary Mark Esper, inspires neither strong approval nor disapproval – with 56 percent saying they have no strong opinion of Esper at all.

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