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Texas Rep. Al Green Makes a Fiery Appeal on CNN: We Can’t Let Trump ‘Walk the Earth’ Without the ‘Stain’ of Impeachment


With a majority of House Democrats now supporting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, one of the first to issue that call is making a fiery new argument on the topic.

Appearing on CNN Wednesday, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) explained why he places such importance on impeaching the president.

“Impeachment is at the root of the solution to the cause of the problem, which is the bigotry and the hatred that this president is imposing,” Green said. “I think impeachment is something that will work to provide this country the relief that it needs. The president believes that white makes right. He believes this. And we have to challenge him and take him on.”

After Green said “we need the spirit of 1868,” referring to the impeachment of former President Andrew Johnson, CNN’s John Berman noted that Johnson ultimately was not convicted by the Senate.

“But he didn’t get re-elected,” Green replied. “He was impeached. And impeachment in and of itself is an indelible stain that ought to be placed on this president. We can’t let him walk the Earth without that stain, Mr. Berman! He’s caused harm to society!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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