Trump Insists He’s the Most Popular Person in History of GOP: ‘I Beat our Honest Abe’

President Donald Trump told The Sun on Thursday that according to a recent poll, he’s more popular than ‘Honest Abe’ Lincoln.

“You know, a poll just came out that I am the most popular person in the history of the Republican Party. Beating Lincoln. I beat our Honest Abe,” Trump said, not specifying which poll he was referring to at the time.

He also added that if England had honest polling, he’d be popular there too.

“But the people of the UK,  and I’ll bet if you had an honest poll,  I’d be very strong. They want the same thing I want. I love the UK,” Trump said.

Trump also made a similar claim in a recent tweet, writing: “Thank you to all of my great supporters, really big progress being made. Other countries wanting to fix crazy trade deals. Economy is ROARING. Supreme Court pick getting GREAT REVIEWS. New Poll says Trump, at over 90%, is the most popular Republican in history of the Party. Wow!”

In the same interview, Trump claimed that the Baby Trump blimp made him feel “unwelcome” in London.

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