comScore Trump Taking Executive Action on Citizenship Census Question

Trump Reportedly Taking Executive Action to Add Citizenship Question to Census Despite SCOTUS Ruling

It appears that despite being shot down by the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump still intends using an executive action to add a citizenship question to the 2020 U.S. census.

Administration officials have told multiple news sources that Trump will to move ahead and announce the census question on Thursday. Based on Trump’s tweets Thursday, this announcement will apparently happen during the president’s post-social media summit press conference from the Rose Garden.

The Trump administration has claimed that the citizenship question would help enforce the Voting Rights Act, but opponents have called it an effort by the president to reduce the number of responses in immigrant communities and boost power for Republicans. The Supreme Court blocked it last month by saying there was a “significant mismatch between the decision [Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross] made and the rationale he provided,” thus failing to show why the question was necessary.

In the aftermath of the ruling, Trump has contradicted his own administration, reportedly grown frustrated with Ross, and has considered an executive order to make the question happen.

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