Tucker Carlson Rails Against ‘Impeachment Charade’ in Op-Ed: Dems ‘Destroying Themselves’ Trying to Take Down Trump


Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson and his fellow Daily Caller co-founder Neil Patel responded to President Donald Trump’s Ukraine controversy in an oped, Thursday.

In the article, which was published at the Daily Caller, Carlson and Patel noted, “Washington scandals are moving at a record pace. It was only a week ago that The New York Times launched its unfair hit piece on Brett Kavanaugh. This is the Trump-era news cycle. Scandals that used to go on for months now seem to end in hours.”

“Nothing illustrates this better than the bizarre Ukraine story we’re all living through. A week ago, no one had even heard of it. Then we were on the brink of impeachment because of it, and now it seems it may be over already,” the two continued, adding, “Once again, the mob turned out to be wrong… Try to find the extortion in there. There isn’t any.”

Carlson and Patel explained that the whole controversy is “not about justice or truth,” but about hating President Trump, and “winning the 2020 presidential election.”

“Democratic leaders have decided that impeaching Trump is essential if they’re going to win next year. So they’re staking everything on this bizarre, flimsy scandal that the rest of us can barely understand,” they expressed, pointing out that, “Personal attacks on Trump have proven ineffective.”

The article went on to finger former Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential election hopeful Joe Biden as the real loser of the controversy, acknowledging that “Democrats have now in effect demanded that we spend the next six months talking about Biden and his son’s alleged corruption.”

“It looks like sabotage, really. They must have gamed this up. Or maybe Democrats have just become so obsessed with destroying Trump that they’re accidentally destroying themselves,” the two Daily Caller co-founders concluded.

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