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Daily Caller White House Correspondent Apologizes For Tweets With N-Word and Anti-Semitic Jokes

Trump Warns Antifa: The Opposition Can Be ‘Much More Violent’

Trump Makes Wild, Baseless Voter Fraud Claim: People ‘Go to Their Car,’ Change Their Hat and Shirt, and ‘Vote Again’

Avenatti Claims Time Report That He Said Dems Should Run a ‘White Male’ in 2020 is ‘Complete Bullsh*t,’ Time Stands By Story

Daily Caller Deletes Horseface ‘Halloween Costume Starter Pack’ Tweet Mocking Stormy Daniels

Daily Caller Brings Booze to Capitol Hill to Troll Sexual Assault Survivors Protesting Kavanaugh

Mark Judge Once Sought ‘Babe’ With ‘God-Given Sex Appeal and Curves’ For ‘Daily Caller’ Shoot

Trump Claims There Are ‘100 Pictures’ of Mueller and Comey ‘Hugging and Kissing Each Other’

Daily Caller Tries Its Best to Fact-Check the NYT For Using the Wrong Abbreviation of ‘Maine,’ Fails

NBC Reporter Takes a Shot at Trump’s ‘Pet Media’ After POTUS Calls on Daily Caller Reporter

Daily Caller Editor Fires Back at BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith For Leaked Email: ‘Misinformed Pile of Whiny Dogsh*t’

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Slams Daily Caller for ‘Nativist Garbage’ and ‘Immunity to Shame’ in Leaked Email

Former Hillary Adviser Tweets Address of Book Store From Bannon Incident, is Accused of Inciting ‘Payback’

Serial Plagiarist Benny Johnson Strikes Again… But This Time, The Victim is Himself

NYT Shields Identity of FBI Informant on Trump Campaign… But Another Outlet Reveals Him

Emails Show Michael Avenatti Threatened Daily Caller Reporter With Lawsuit Over Story

Worst Reporter in D.C. Asks Kellyanne and Sarah Sanders to Compare Their Children to CNN’s Acosta

Right-Wing Media Figures Push Debunked Lie to Smear Broward Sheriff: He ‘Has A Lamborghini’

White House Brags About Trump Breaking ‘Nearly All Applause Records’ in His SOTU

Twitter Rips Daily Caller for Posting Video of Malia Obama Blowing Smoke Rings

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