White House Releases Statement From Adviser Who Says He Briefed Trump on Storm’s Impact on Alabama

The White House has released a lengthy statement from one of President Donald Trump’s counterterrorism advisers, who said he briefed Trump on how the storm could impact a number of states — including Alabama — before the tweet that set up a days long news cycle of confusion.

The statement from Department of Homeland Security official Peter J. Brown states that Trump was briefed on potential impacts from Hurricane Dorian last Sunday, including the “possibility of tropical storm force winds in southeastern Alabama.”

Brown said Trump’s public comments on Sunday that resulted in ongoing fact-checks were based on his Sunday morning briefing.

Hurricane Dorian is currently hammering the Carolinas and is not near Alabama. Despite this, a large number of Trump’s tweets have been dedicated to insisting he was right to say Alabama was going to be impacted by the hurricane ever since it was reported the storm would not impact Alabama.

The story has gained considerable media attention after Trump held up a map that was apparently doctored with a Sharpie to support Trump’s prediction.

[Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

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