After Latest Briefing, Maddow Says ‘Something Is Wrong’ With Trump: ‘Not Able to Keep It Together’


Rachel Maddow said Monday night there’s something off about President Donald Trump, following the day’s coronavirus testing press briefing, and suggested it could potentially have something to do with the upcoming Supreme Court case on his financial records.

Maddow opened her show by saying she generally doesn’t show clips of the president on her show because “the president frequently says stuff in public that isn’t true, and I, therefore, usually don’t want to put things he says on TV, because I don’t want to help him or anyone spread untrue things, spread made-up stuff, that’s being said for nonsense or political purposes.”

But she said she’s making an exception tonight because, after watching today’s briefing, she concluded, “This is something we should all see. Just because I think it is worth knowing. In all seriousness. That the president, right now, in the midst of this crisis, is visibly struggling. There’s something wrong or he’s just not doing okay, I don’t know, but the president apparently just is not able to keep it together right now in his public appearances.”

She showed the abrupt end to the briefing, in which CBS News’ Weijia Jiang asked a question about Trump comparing the U.S. testing numbers to other nations’, the president said she should ask China, she asked why he asked her that question, and CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried to get in a question before Trump just ended the briefing.

“What is wrong with the president today?” Maddow asked. “We don’t know. Something is wrong. Whether or not you, you know, like the president or not, whether you enjoy his public affect or not on a regular basis, it’s clear that there is something wrong.”

She said it’s “possible that it is just stress,” but she went on minutes later to say it could be because of the SCOTUS case tomorrow.

You can watch part of the segment above, via MSNBC.

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