Ainsley Earhardt Claims Fox & Friends Never Gives Trump ‘Softball Questions’


Despite Fox & Friends being notoriously known for their outrageously pro-Trump punditry, host Ainsley Earhardt claims the show would never give “soft interviews” to President Donald Trump or other members of the administration.

Earhardt defended herself and her fellow members of Fox & Friends while appearing on Sean Hannity‘s radio show — the other network host known for his near exclusively pro-Trump coverage. “The mainstream media, or the liberal press will want to write an article [saying], you know, we give soft interviews — that is not true,” Earhardt told Hannity.

Continuing her claim that the president’s favorite morning show is actually a capital-j Journalist program, the Fox News host said Vice President Mike Pence‘s staff told her their interview was one of his toughest. However, Hannity did ask her what she thought about the president choosing Fox & Friends as “his favorite show” — to which Earhardt replied, “One of them, I think [your show] is too.”

The two Fox News hosts then bonded over how “cool” it is that Trump loves their shows.

Additionally, Earhardt said she calls Hannity to come up with “really hard-hitting questions” for her show, adding that never wants viewers to think they pitch “softball questions.”

One of the Fox & Friends’ critics in the “liberal press” is CNN anchor John King, who likened the morning program to “state TV.”

“Let’s set aside the tough, probing questions on state TV there… We haven’t actually heard the president’s entire story, have we?” King said.

Mediaite editor Colby Hall had a similar critique of Fox & Friends, calling the show’s interview with Trump “a presidential batting practice of lobbed softballs.”

Listen to the clip above via Media Matters and Sean Hannity Show.

Editor’s note – This post has been updated to add the last paragraph. 

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