Al Gore: Trump, With Mail-In Voting Attacks, is ‘Putting His Knee On the Neck of American Democracy’


Former Vice President Al Gore accused President Donald Trump of “putting his knee on the neck of American democracy” with his attacks on mail in voting.

Gore joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Sunday night, where he slammed Trump’s management of the coronavirus pandemic while offering his predictions for what Joe Biden will say for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Gore mostly focused on Trump’s crusade against mail-in voting, however, calling it “an act of desperation” to suppress voters concerned about lining up at the polls in the middle of a pandemic.

“Americans understand that during a pandemic, there are lots of older voters and voters of all ages with preexisting conditions, who worry they can’t breathe safely standing in line to vote,” Gore said. “So in effect, by tampering with the Postal Service, he’s putting his knee on the neck of American democracy and trying to make it impossible for people to vote by mail.”

Gore went on to call Trump’s anti mail-in voting efforts “an outrageous assault on an American institution” as the interview went on. He also disputed the president’s evidence-free claim that the process leads to widespread corruption, as well as “there’s never been any evidence that voting by mail favors Democrats or Republicans.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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