Al Gore

Al Gore Rips the President: ‘This Experiment With Trumpism is Not Going Well’

Al Gore Has a Message for Trump: ‘Resign’

Maher Teases Al Gore About Rising Sea Levels: ‘Who Would Know Better About Losing Florida?’

Al Gore Rips Trump and ‘Wild’ White House Dysfunction: ‘It’s Deeply Troubling’

Al Gore Reveals He Believed Trump Would Buy Into His Climate Hysteria

Al Gore to Colbert: Hillary’s ‘Gonna Be Fine, The Country’s Another Matter’

Bernie Goldberg: ‘I Care About Climate Change as Much as the Next Guy’ as Long as It’s Not Al Gore

Al Gore Likens Trump EPA Chief to Flat-Earthers: He’s Denying ‘Most Basic Scientific Truth’

Al Gore: ‘I Felt Good’ About Trump Meeting, Ivanka Is ‘Very Committed’ on Climate Policy

Huckabee Takes Heat For Confusing Tweet About Al Gore

Al Gore Speaks to the Press on His ‘Extremely Interesting Conversation’ with Trump

Al Gore to Meet With Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower to Discuss Climate Issues (UPDATED)

‘I Do Think it Should be Eliminated’: Al Gore Wants to See the Electoral College Gone

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton Called For an End To the Electoral College In 2000

Crowd Chants ‘You Won!’ as Al Gore Recalls 2000 Recount at Florida Clinton Rally

Andrea Mitchell Says Clinton Will Soon Unveil Secret Weapon to Attract Millennials… Al Gore

Republican Senator Says 2000 Election Could Have Been Rigged

Bill Maher Compares Bernie Sanders’ Loss to Bush v. Gore

WATCH: Al Gore’s Daughter Was Arrested For Protesting Inside Pipeline

Flashback: What Tipper Gore Wrote About Prince’s ‘Vulgar Lyrics’ Back in ’87

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