Alisyn Camerota Mocks Fox News’ Trump Coverage: ‘Would Have Freaked Out’ if Obama Suggested Eminent Domain


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota is in a unique position to comment on what some see as subjective programming decisions at various cable news outlets since the current New Day anchor was for some time a host of Fox News opinion program Fox & Friends.

On Wednesday morning she launched something of a shot across the bow of her former employer, ridiculing what she sees as a very different standard applied to President Donald Trump to the hyper-critical manner in which President Barack Obama was so often treated, especially on Fox News opinion programs.

At issue is new reporting from The Washington Post in which President Trump reportedly told White House staff to break the law in order to get parts of a border wall built. The wall was an enormous part of his campaign that saw him get elected in the 2016 general election, and efforts to build said wall appear to have stalled.

Trump is so eager to show progress in advance of his 2020 reelection efforts that WaPo’s Josh Dawsey reports that, when aides suggested some of the orders are illegal or unworkable, Trump reported suggested he would pardon the officials if they would just go ahead, effectively waving off legal implications of careless use ofeminent domain” as a land grab from private citizens to build the controversial wall.

Co-host John Berman teed up his morning show partner, asking Camerota to opine on how this story is being covered by her former employer, to which Camerota snarked “thank God Fox News channel is not still around to hear this.” She then added how Fox News “would have freaked out any time President Obama used eminent domain for anything.”

Roger Ailes, and therefore Fox News, blew a gasket about the idea of seizing private land, Camerota added, continuing with “this is a democracy. How dare he be an emperor. I don’t remember there ever being a story of the president saying even if it is illegal, I would pardon you.”

She finished her mini-snark/rant by ostensibly challenging her former employer to cover this story, saying “I can’t wait to hear what Fox says about this morning.”

watch above via CNN.

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