Anderson Cooper Shows Off His New ‘Do After Giving Himself a Haircut (Spoiler: It’s Not Great)


CNN anchor Anderson Cooper showed off his new self-cut hair on Thursday, which, unfortunately, resulted in a pretty prominent bald spot.

“I’m hoping you make a tutorial about how to give yourself a haircut, because last night I took a razor and buzzed my head, and I gave myself a giant bald spot over here, which I find very — I missed,” Cooper told Dr. Sanjay Gupta. “I thought it was a seven and it was a five and, I don’t know.”

Due to self-isolation amid the coronavirus, many have begun to do their own hair and makeup, especially those who still appear on air to deliver the news, which evidently did not go so well for Cooper.

“Oh no,” Gupta laughed. Cooper then admitted he had been walking around all day with his hand on his head in order to cover the spot.

Gupta told Cooper that he looks fine when he looks straight into the camera, and the CNN anchor agreed that his haircut works when he looks straight ahead, but he reveals his new bald spot whenever he turns to expose his profile.

“Wow, I hope that grows back Anderson, I think it will. Not sure, but I think it will,” Gupta joked before Cooper suggested again that he do a haircut tutorial.

Watch above, via CNN.

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