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Ann Coulter Trashes Liberal Media Over Woodward Battle On Hannity

Threats! Pointing!Fox’s Sean Hannity had Ann Coulter on Thursday to talk about Bob Woodward’s run-in with the Obama White House, the sequester and the state of the American media. Coulter expressed little interest in the sequester and said that “the media today is a threat to democracy” during her brief segment on Hannity.

Hannity praised Woodward’s new book about the entire sequester process and was a bit stunned by the hostility from some over Woodward’s claim of being bullied by the White House.

“Its kind of a little ironic that the liberal media turned on him because he dared to expose a couple of Obama lies,” said Hannity.

“I think some of these liberal journalists have become hot house flowers if they consider this intimidation. Give me a break. The important point he is making is about the sequester and I can’t believe you gotten me to talk about the sequester which I am so bored with,” said Coulter.

Coulter went on to mock the notion expressed by many on the left that budget cuts will lead to a parade of horribles. Coulter calls this “fireman rule.”

“I will say that I am going to an end of the world orgy tonight in anticipation of the world ending when the sequester kicks in. For the next ten years federal spending will only increase by 2.4 trillion instead of 2.5 trillion,” she said.

Coulter then took the opportunity to take the program off course a bit by going off illegal immigration, particularly the recent release of illegal immigrants by ICE that were chalked up to budget cuts.

Hannity steered the program back on course by nudging Coulter: “You’re all over the place. Let me bring you back in.”

Hannity proceeded to go back to Woodward’s dustup with the Obama White House and the media’s reaction but Coulter wouldn’t have it as she continued to focus on illegal immigration before finally relenting.

“This is a serious question: if we don’t have a critical media that doesn’t ask questions about Benghazi, doesn’t ask about Fast & Furious, allows him to lie about the debt, the deficit, and nobody cares about his association with a serious terrorist by the name of Bill Ayers?” asked Hannity.

“I think it’s a serious problem as Democrat Pat Caddell has said, ‘the media is a threat to democracy,'” Coulter said.

Coulter got the last word, noting that she’s had people investigate her private life. “These liberal journalists are hothouse flowers,” she concluded.

Watch the full clip below, via Fox:

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