Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter: ‘Who Cares’ if Russians Hacked DNC to Help Trump

Ann Coulter Slams Trump For Hiring His Kids, Omarosa: Why Don’t You Pick Smarter People?

Ann Coulter Calls for FBI to be ‘Disbanded’

Ann Coulter Cites Article From 2011 as Proof Child Migrants at Border are ‘Actors’ — Its Author Responds

Ann Coulter Claims Migrant Kids Seeking Asylum Are Part of ‘Child Actors’ Conspiracy

Ann Coulter Hits Joy Reid For Calling Her a Man: Liberal Women Have ‘Rolls of Fat on Their Neck’

Ann Coulter, Reacting to Gaza Violence, Suggests US Shoot Border Crossers

Ann Coulter Trashes Comey: ‘A Gigantic, Pompous Fruitcake’

Ann Coulter: ‘Mueller Was Trying to Get Himself Fired’ With Cohen Office Raid

Ann Coulter Goes There: If Military Shoots One ‘Illegal’ at Border, ‘Maybe They’ll Learn’

Juan Williams on Trump Sending Military to Border: He’s ‘Upset’ Ann Coulter’s Attacking Him

Morning Joe Roasts Trump on Border Wall: ‘Lying’ to Get ‘Ann Coulter to Stop Mean-Tweeting About Him’

Ex Trump Adviser Says Rebuke of DACA Not Inspired by Ann Coulter: POTUS Not ‘Concerned About The Base’

Ann Coulter Buries ‘Ignoramus’ Trump on Lou Dobbs: ‘All He Wants is For Goldman Sachs to Like Him’

Ann Coulter Continues Anti-Trump Crusade: He’s a ‘Shallow, Lazy Ignoramus’

Nicolle Wallace: The Best Thing About Trump Signing Spending Bill Is It ‘Totally Triggered Ann Coulter’

Coulter: Trump and Stormy Daniels May Have Had Sex Once, But He’s ‘Repeatedly’ Screwing His Voters

Ann Coulter Eviscerates Trump For Threatening Budget Bill Veto to Protect DREAMers: ‘Can I Sign Up With Mueller?’

Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Ann Coulter for ‘Pandering to the Angry and Hateful’

Lindsey Graham Hits Conservative Trump Immigration Critics: His Job Is to Lead, Not ‘Sell Books’

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