Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Blasts Trump: ‘Shallow, Narcissistic Conman’ Who is Falling Down on the Job

Rick Wilson on Coulter Tearing Into Trump: ‘Ann Coulter’s Tears Taste Delicious’

Sarah Sanders: ‘I Don’t Think Ann Coulter Has Any Influence Over This White House’ or Much of Anything

Ann Coulter Responds to Trump’s Slam: ‘The Only National Emergency is That Our President is an Idiot’

Trump Fires Back at Ann Coulter Taunts: I Like Her But ‘She’s Off the Reservation’

Ann Coulter Loses it on Trump Over Funding Deal: ‘IT’S OVER IF HE SIGNS THIS BILL!’

MSNBC Analyst Predicts Hannity Will Side With Trump After Wall Funding Loss: He’ll ‘Fold Like a Cheap Suit’

Ann Coulter: Trump ‘Talks a Good Game,’ But is ‘Afraid to Fight for’ Border Wall

Ann Coulter Rips Trump Address: ‘Lamest, Sappiest, Most Intentionally Tear-Jerking SOTU Ever’

Ann Coulter Says Trump Should Be Primaried if He Fails on Wall: We Elected This ‘Lunatic’ For One Reason

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Latest Fan on the Right: Steve Bannon

Sarah Sanders Shades MAGAs Mad at Trump: ‘Conservatives That Actually Have Influence Support the President’

Ann Coulter Blasts Newt Gingrich for Dismissing POTUS Criticism: ‘At Least I Don’t Have to Kiss Trump’s Ass’

Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade: President Trump ‘Cares Way Too Much About People in the Media’

Trump Scoffs at Ann Coulter: ‘Maybe I Didn’t Return Her Phone Call or Something’

Ann Coulter to Trump: ‘NO MORE WORDS! Break Ground Today.’

Bill Maher to Ann Coulter: So ‘What Was Your First Clue’ Trump’s a ‘Lying Con Man?’

Ann Coulter Trashes Trump Over Shutdown Deal: The ‘Biggest Wimp’ Ever to Serve as President

Seth Meyers: Is Trump ‘So Subservient’ to Ann Coulter Because She Has a ‘Different Pee Tape?’

Mike Huckabee Defends Trump from Ann Coulter: If She Has the Solution, ‘Let Her Run for Office’

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