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April Ryan Doubles Down After Omarosa Slams Her Firing Report: ‘I’m Doing My Job’

White House correspondent for AURN and CNN contributor April Ryan is standing by her reporting, even as Omarosa Manigault challenges her over the details of the latter’s imminent departure from the Trump Administration.

When the news about Manigault’s ousting broke yesterday, Ryan was among the first to report on the subject, and she indicated that there was a lot of ugliness that surrounded the White House departure. Manigault reacted to all of this in an interview today, saying that the reported messiness was “100% false,” and that Ryan is advancing false narratives as part of a “personal vendetta to bring me down.”

Ryan came on CNN to react, and she doubled down by saying she was doing her duty by reporting what sources have told her about the resignation. Ryan elaborated on how her previous information came in, and how multiple sources and media outlets are still hearing about dramatics connected to Manigault’s departure.

“That’s what a White House correspondent does: listens to sources inside the White House and outside of the White House,” Ryan said. “Some may not have liked what I’ve reported but I’ve never had anyone say there’s been a vendetta. I’ve heard Republicans say I’m fair, and I’ve heard Democrats say I’m fair. I’m doing my job.”

Ryan continued her reaction to Manigault’s interview by saying that the Apprentice star would be unlikely to give a tell-all unless something happened in the White House that deeply upset her. Ryan also noted that there are still some discrepancies in terms of how Manigault and the Secret Service have described the ouster.

Watch above, via CNN.

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