At CPAC: Conservative Columnist Cal Thomas Says Rachel Maddow Is ‘Best Argument’ For Contraception

During a CPAC panel discussion on the Obama Administration’s new controversial contraception rule, The Heritage Foundation’s Genevieve Wood played a clip of Rachel Maddow saying that “the Republican Party was waging war on contraception”. The clip drew a chilly reception from the crowd as much of the audience booed the MSNBC commentator. “We will fight the condoms on the beaches,” responded The National Review‘s Jonah Goldberg. “I don’t know! I’m waiting for my draft notice for the war against birth control!”

“Cal, let’s talk about this religious–this is serious, we laugh about it, but this is serious in terms of, if they get away with this, what would happen in a second term?” Wood questioned. “If that outrage doesn’t turn to action in November, what are we looking at here?”

“I’m really glad, Genevieve, that you played the Rachel Maddow clip. I think that she is the best argument in favor of her parent’s using contraception,” said panelist conservative commentator Cal Thomas. “I would be all for that! And all of the rest of the crowd at MSNBC, too, for that matter.”

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Wood laughed and the CPAC audience applauded Thomas’s comments.

Watch below via CSPAN:

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