Boarding Air Force One For First Time, Trump Breaks With Tradition By Not Turning Around to Wave

Today marked a bit of a milestone for President Donald Trump as it represented the first time he boarded Air Force One, as he took a flight to Philadelphia to deliver a speech at the GOP retreat.

As he boarded the plane, a couple of reporters noticed something new with this president.

Yep, Trump didn’t look back and wave to the cameras, as presidents have been doing for years.

He did, however, wave and give a thumbs up to the crowd when he arrived in Philly.

That wasn’t the only thing that seemed a bit off when it came to his first use of Air Force One. During the flight, while allowing the press to briefly enter his on-board office, Trump kept his television on at full volume.

Check out the clip above of Trump boarding the plane, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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