Brian Kilmeade Spars With Fox & Friends Co-Hosts in Absolute Mess of a Sh*thole Debate


The Fox & Friends curvy-couch held a contentious debate Monday morning over President Donald Trump’s reported “shithole” remarks, which segued messily into a spat over the immigration deal currently being worked out on Capitol Hill.

Brian Kilmeade opened up the segment by explaining the back and forth between lawmakers over whether Trump actually referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “people from shitholes.”

“Bottom line is, unfortunate comments were exchanged, from behind closed doors where you thought it might stay if you are a negotiator,” Kilmeade said, before noting that the current spat imperils efforts to get an immigration deal done before Friday’s shutdown deadline.

“You have to negotiate,” Kilmeade said, apparently decrying both sides of the aisle for the debacle. “You can’t do that calling each other racists and denying comments.”

Real World contestant-turned-Fox and Friends guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy, unsatisfied with Kilmeade placing the blame for shithole-gate on both parties, slammed Democrats for not caring about making a deal on DACA.

“Who is calling each other racists?” Campos-Duffy exclaimed. “There’s only one side calling racists, and they are the people who say they want to make a deal to help the Hispanic community but actually don’t want to make a deal. Because if you wanted to make a deal, Brian, you would not have, as a negotiator, gone out and scuttled it.”

Kilmeade replied to Campos-Duffy that “because of the way those comments have been portrayed, the president has lost a degree of leverage, whether you like it or not.”

As Campos-Duffy continued to slam Democrats for not caring about Dreamers, a frustrated Kilmeade argued that bipartisan efforts are required to settle on an immigration deal.

“The Democrats do not want to give the President of the United States any win,” a taciturn Steve Doocy declared.

“They don’t want to give him any win,” Campos-Duffy vigorously agreed. “They want to talk about race that’s easy subject for them. That’s how they can just scuttle the whole thing and talk about race. And they’re using the Dreamers. They are using the Dreamers.”

“That’s sad,” Doocy lamented.

“Were they acting on Tuesday?” Kilmeade asked, referring to Democrats’ appearance at the televised, bipartisan meeting on immigration that earlier last week presented an optimistic image of the negotiations.

“Was [Rep.] Steny Hoyer [D-MD] acting on Tuesday?” Kilmeade pressed. “If you think he was acting, and those other Democrats in the room were acting, then they didn’t want a deal.”

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