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Brian Williams Stalks Jon Hamm On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

If you turned on the television last week then you probably noticed that The Town’s press tour brought Jon Hamm on just about every single talk show imaginable. He was on the Daily Show, he talked with Bill Maher, heck, I’m pretty he sure even travelled back in time to discuss Ben Affleck’s directing style with Dick Cavett. However, it was during his appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that we learned this disturbing secret: Brian Williams is stalking him.

Hamm and Fallon were discussing Hamm’s upcoming hosting date on SNL (So much Hamm! TV can’t take it!) as well as his favorite sketches from past appearances. Hamm brought up a Halloween sketch he’d done that Will Forte had originally written for Williams and how the anchor had gotten upset he hadn’t gotten to do it. Fallon then revealed that Williams is obsessed with Mad Man and Hamm and that, thanks to the building’s feed, he could appear at any time. Sure enough, when the camera panned over, there was Williams staring longingly through the studio’s door. Spooky.

By the way, in only tangentially related news, ABC is preparing a TV show set in the world of 1960’s Pan Am Airline that is totally not going to rip off Mad Men at all. Man, I can’t wait for the adventures of Pilot Jon Japer and his wacky 1960s friends!

(h/t Huffington Post)

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