Carl Bernstein Compares Trump to Joe McCarthy: ‘Authoritarian Demagogue’


Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein compared President Trump to Joe McCarthy this morning on CNN.

“I’m asked all the time how is this like Watergate,” he said. “Watergate is not the analogy, the real analogy is Joe McCarthy and Donald Trump.”

McCarthyism, he noted was about “smearing American institutions for self-political gain” and McCarthy himself “accused people of treason, exactly like Donald Trump.”

He even noted how Trump once reportedly asked “Where’s my Roy Cohn?”:

“We need to look at history. We need to look at the last great authoritarian demagogue in this country, who was Joe McCarthy, and see if indeed I am right and this is true, that Donald Trump mimics, reembodies to a large extent the tactics, techniques, and methodology of Joe McCarthy. The constant smearing of immigrants, of Mexicans, of this he opposes, the belittling of them… Go look at the clips of Joe McCarthy.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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