Carl Bernstein: The Mueller Report is ‘An Ugly, Damning Piece of Business’

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein said Attorney General William Barr has “thrown his lot in with those who believe there is a vast conspiracy against the president of the United States” with the release of Robert Mueller’s report.

“That is really what most of these 400 pages are about, including things having to do with Russia, it explains, I think, why there was so much lying by the president and those around him and also I think we’re now able to understand from this report how judgments are possible about, one, the conduct of the president of the United States, two, about the conduct of the attorney general of the United States, these past days, three, about the conduct of the investigation that Mr. Mueller conducted. We could make real judgments about the efficacy and what he found,” Bernstein said. “And fourth, I think we could make real judgments of the press over the past four years.”

Bernstein said he believes Mueller laid out the findings in the report so Congress would be able to run with it because it’s “no exoneration of the president of the United States by a long shot.”

“This is an opportunity, a real, smart, able Republicans, read this report. I think they can make some sophisticated judgments about their president. It is not pretty. It is an ugly, damning piece of business,” he concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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