Carl Bernstein Unloads on ‘Con Man’ Trump: We’ve Never Had a President Who Acts More Like a ‘Common Grifter’


Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein went after President Trump on Tuesday by lamenting that the United States is being run by a “common grifter.”

CNN’s Jim Sciutto and Poppy Harlow spoke to Bernstein about whether its possible that the legal troubles for members of Trump’s inner circle would ever cause the president’s base to stop supporting him. Bernstein doubts Trump’s core supporters would abandon him, but as for the rest of the country, it remains to be seen how they will react once Robert Mueller presents his findings to the country.

Bernstein predicted that the special counsel’s report will “certainly show evidence from all indications of obstruction of justice engineered by the President of the United States, as well as suggestions we don’t know definitively yet of real collusion” with Russia. As he spoke of how the findings will probably reflect badly on the president and his family, Bernstein projected that it will underline Trump’s lifetime of being a “con man” and a swindler.

“We’ve never seen a President of the United States who actually acts more in some ways like a common grifter. I looked up the definition of grifter the other day in the dictionary, and it seems to suit Donald Trump perfectly in terms of the way he has conducted himself all his life, but including, astonishingly enough, in his presidency. The idea of being a grifter while at the same time being President of the United States, a flim-flam artist, a con man, someone who lies, somebody who uses instruments at his command to obtain and do things that are untoward and underhanded.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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