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CDC Director: Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Put ‘Neighbors’ Kids at Risk’

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden spoke to ABC News’ This Week Sunday morning and reaffirmed the need for parents to get their children vaccinated against measles. Frieden’s comments come after a measles outbreak in Disneyland threatens to renew the preventable and long-vanished disease.

“It’s a serious disease, and it would be terrible if we had preventable illness and even death from this disease that’s preventable from a safe vaccine,” Frieden said.

Frieden reminded parents that unvaccinated children posed a severe risk to children around them, especially those with weak immune systems.

“If you look at the kids who aren’t vaccinated, most of their parents don’t have very strong feelings, they’re just concerned that maybe measles isn’t around. But measles is around, and the more kids are not vaccinated, the more they’re at risk and the more they put their neighbors’ kids at risk as well,” he said. “If many kids aren’t vaccinated, then kids who can’t be vaccinated — those who have immune problems — are at real risk of getting severely ill from measles. What do you do to your own kids doesn’t just affect your family, it affects other families as well.”

ABC News chief medical expert Richard Besser than reiterated his stance that public schools should require vaccinations for attendance.

Watch the clip below, via ABC News:

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